13 Reasons Why Research

My topic for my research is 13 Reasons Why, I chose this artifact because of how much it connects to teens in this generation with everything that went on in the episodes, relates a lot to today’s society. For younger viewers who are in school that can be going through the same thing, for older viewers that have children that can be in similar situations. It’s realistic to everyone and their lives. Involving bullying, sexual assault, suicide, slut shaming, social isolation, etc. I believe this is very important to other people, because everyone should be aware if someone is hurting and should be able to give them all the help they need. 13 Reasons why was one of the most popular and talked about shows in 2017, being discussed worldwide. It’s very popular show for not sugar coating anything and demonstrating real life issues that we have been dealing with for many years now.

I feel like their is many angles that you can connect to this show to artifacts, because their is so much being shown and revealed. Most of this show relates to what goes on now a days in the real world. I could analyze the bullying that occurred in this show to Hannah Baker, what she did to cope with it, and how it’s so relevant now a days. Analyze how suicide isn’t rare for teens today’s because the statistics are so high in teens. How so many teens or just anyone in general can be suffering and not anyone has a clue. Mostly everything can be analyzed because they are all real life issues that can go into greater depth. I’m really interested in actually writing this paper and the first thing I taught about was 13 Reasons Why.

Most of these artifacts say about our culture how corrupt the world has became with everything that goes on in a daily basis for some people. How some bring others down just to feel good about themselves and that tells a lot about them, they are also hurting. Instead of uplifting one another, we hurt others not knowing the problems they are facing or what they are going through. How some of these issues aren’t even a surprise anymore because of how often they happen in our society. Something has to be down so it can get better in the future and not worst. Things shouldn’t ever go so far, for them to be noticed that someone is suffering and needs help. People are so quick to judge others without giving them a chance, or simply believing anything they hear about one another to automatically be true.


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